Abstract Expressionism

Today A and I had a date–yes just the two of us–and we visited the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the preview of an exhibit of abstract expressionism from the MOMA in NY. There’s so much to say about it and I just don’t have time right now, but I have to mention the photography of Aaron Suskind. That he walked around the world and saw these shapes amazes me. What eyes! Here’s a link.

He reminded me of Jean at Tasting Rhubarb, less abstract, but gifted eyes. Have a look here, too.


Vivian Maier – Her Discovered Work

There is a similar picture of me about the same age and the same facial expression. I wonder what made her cry. I wonder the same about myself. The late photographer has, a year + since the negatives were acquired by John Maloof, been discovered by the NYT, as Maloof mounts an exhibit of her work. There are twitters everywhere. But I’ve been getting a picture a day of her work since I subscribed to his blog more than a year ago. I hope that when the twitters die down, I’ll still see a picture a day. Her portraits speak stories.