The Nurse’s Story

I had hoped, when I was in the hospital, that my mother would tell me the things I’d always wanted to know, like why she got married at 16 instead of waiting until she was 21. She had promised she would tell me one day, when I got married, then when I married someone she… Continue reading The Nurse’s Story


If Wires Could Talk

I don’t see why all this fuss is necessary, the holes in the walls, the drilling. The drilling! Nobody thinks about the pain this is causing. All day long drill and pull, drill and pull, cutting plaster, putting holes in my home. The only benefit is the light coming through the plate glass, the beams… Continue reading If Wires Could Talk


Toothy Fairy

This is my favourite way to spend a warm spring morning: lying naked in the hammock tied to the pair of maple trees, which were planted, fortuitously, exactly hammock distance apart by the previous owners of my house. They weren’t the ones that built the privacy fence. That was my addition, for obvious reasons. There… Continue reading Toothy Fairy


The Society Of Shoes

When I was three, my mother caved in to the pressures of vaccinators because my daycare threatened to excommunicate me if she didn’t get me immunized. Consequently, I found myself time and again in the doctor’s waiting room, aptly named, as I waited to get stung. The first time I was eager, my experience of… Continue reading The Society Of Shoes


Cards Loved Him

He would rather do anything else than play cards. He would rather get drunk, he would rather get stoned, he would rather dive off the CN tower in a parachute or without one. He hadn’t bet a penny in fifty years, ever since his first wife left him. He hadn’t even had the dignity to… Continue reading Cards Loved Him

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The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro My rating: 5 of 5 stars The Buried Giant is a different book from Ishiguro's previous ones, and that's something I admired before I read it. But it was an interview I saw with him that made me pick it up. By that time, I'd already forgotten what The… Continue reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro


Dynamite Divorce

“Not like that,” Ellie said. “Let me do it. We have to be sure about the timer. I don’t want to get caught in the blast. Now don’t give me that look. I’m only doing this for the money. I don’t know how else I’d put Ingrid through college. If you didn’t piss away…Well, I… Continue reading Dynamite Divorce


It Was Time

She'd fought against it for so long. She hadn’t thought that this day would ever come. She'd dreaded it, longed for it, prayed against it, prayed for it, wept over it, laughed about it, and yet here it was. Everything she knew was about to change. Everything unfamiliar for which she had prepared was about… Continue reading It Was Time


Gerry and Adele

I'd just picked up my prescription when Gerry took off down the road. Our town isn't that small geographically, but it is--was--a one industry town, and when the factory closed, people moved out. It’s not a new story, and it’s one that’s been repeated all across the country, ever since manufacturing moved to Asia. I… Continue reading Gerry and Adele


Better Late Than Never

I've been meeting weekly with a writer friend to play at writing. I have tea, she has a latte, and we write randomly for fifteen minute stretches. I'll be posting these mini-stories weekly until I run out! Here's today's installment: He had waited twenty years to return it. He had driven five hundred kilometres to… Continue reading Better Late Than Never


Rough Cut

Here's a little something I wrote for fun today as a timed exercise: The King Edward Hotel was not specifically fitted out for aliens, especially water breathing aliens, but fortunately, the Gnasticollas were used to the terrestriocentrism of many provincial planets, and arrived with their water helmets on and other necessary equipment in conveniently packed… Continue reading Rough Cut


Thoughts on the Moon

Many years ago, I decided to write a story that deliberately incorporated archetypes. It was called, "Woman Menstruating on the Moon," and it was my first story to be accepted into a literary fact, to my shock, it was accepted at two. The experiment worked, and here I am many years later, thinking about… Continue reading Thoughts on the Moon