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A Girl In Hitler Youth

The Shame of Survival: Working Through a Nazi Childhood by Ursula Mahlendorf My rating: 4 of 5 stars Ursula Mahlendorf was born the same year as my mother. They were kids during WW2, teenagers by the end of it. While

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Room Service Surprise

“Room Service!” I knocked again. No answer. No sound from within. There was no “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. I checked my instructions. Nothing about leaving the service outside the door. I checked my phone. Five minutes until my

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Part III

I’ve finished the first scene of the last section of my new novel, unless, of course, there turns out to be more. That’s the strangeness of writing the way I do. I always wanted to be the sort of writer

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2016 in Abstract

On New Year’s Eve around midnight, my two girls and I stuck our heads out the window that’s missing a screen so we could watch the fireworks, and then someone had the idea of taking pictures of the city from

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Cold Hard Cash

Finding a birthday present for my mother is never easy. After all, she can make anything she wants. My sister always comes up with something inventive. She’s like that. For example, on Mother’s 125th, Maggie gave her a dozen rubies

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What Else Can You Wish For?

It’s my birthday. I invited all my friends, but nobody came. I don’t mind. I am still having the party. A decorator came and decorated my penthouse apartment. I wish my friends had come. They would see how pretty it

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The Missing Eyephone

“The victim tried to write something as he was dying,” she said. “And how do you figure that?” I asked. “The scratch marks. I see an “A” and a “B”. He must have realized there was blood under his nails.”

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