Part III

stoneI’ve finished the first scene of the last section of my new novel, unless, of course, there turns out to be more. That’s the strangeness of writing the way I do. I always wanted to be the sort of writer who can sit down and plan it all out. But I’m not. Every time I’ve made an outline, it’s killed the project, or at the very least put it into a coma for years. No, my spirit requires wandering in the wilderness until I find the right piece of stone, and then adding it to the structure. Sometimes, the stone, though shiny and appearing to be just the right shape, makes everything fall down, and I have to remove it, sit, look, re-think. Sometimes it’s heavy and I don’t have the muscles to lift it. Not at first. And I get sore in the process of getting it into place. And there are times anyone would else would think the stone I’ve picked is too ugly or common, beneath notice, but I know that when it’s polished, it will be the centrepiece.

4 thoughts on “Part III

  1. Hi dear friend …… as always I love the way in which you express whatever it is you are sharing with us! Think of you often you know, and always watch for your photos as well. Looking forward to the day I can read this next one!

    1. Thanks, Jacqueline! I’m thinking of you, too. I’ll have to post more pics. 🙂 I just started an account on instagram. The link is the menu, above the post, if you use it.

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