Atwood & the 100 Year Forest

Depending on perspective, it is an author’s dream – or nightmare: Margaret Atwood will never know what readers think of the piece of fiction she is currently working on, because the unpublished, unread manuscript from the Man Booker prize-winning novelist will be locked away for the next 100 years.

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Trees planted in a forest outside Oslo will provide the paper for books written currently but unrevealed until the trees mature in a century when the books will be published. Read the whole story at the link above.

This story made me smile: the optimism of it, the creativity (designed by an award winning Scottish artist, Katie Paterson), the international cooperation, and the choice of an eminent Canadian author to kick it off!

Three cheers for paper books and long-term thinking!

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4 thoughts on “Atwood & the 100 Year Forest

  1. In 100 years the idea of cutting down trees to make books may well be seen as a horrifying waste, almost like killing elephants to make piano keys is seen now.

    1. What an interesting observation. I hope that trees won’t be rare and that paper for books will be made from bamboo, which is more sustainable.

      1. Books made a paper might be interesting for those who like antiquing or doing kooky 100 year long art projects. Everyone else will use old fashion retinal projection.

        1. So true!

          On Fri, Sep 5, 2014 at 12:29 PM, A Novelist's Mind: Lilian Nattel Online wrote:


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