Gift at the Lake

On a beautiful day recently, A and I walked for 4 hours. At Sunnyside Beach, where in another time people danced to the music of big bands in the Palais Royale, I saw a swan. I learned that this is an aggressive and invasive species, unlike the native swans with their black beaks who appear in my dreams. But still, the swan has always meant sanctuary to me, and grace, and I felt graced by its presence.

Swan at Sunnside Beach
Swan at Sunnside Beach
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5 thoughts on “Gift at the Lake

  1. Jacqueline Clements April 27, 2014 — 7:33 pm

    Loved the photo of the swan and really liked the way you told a bit about the place,

  2. Thank you! It was such a gorgeous day for walking. We’ve had such a rainy spring, and to be able to walk for hours and hours was such a pleasure.

  3. Ah, a mute swan…………. They are a lovely bird, even if they are inclined to be aggressive. Gorgeous photo, Lilian!

  4. This is a super pretty action picture of a swan!

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