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Creatures in Lake Ontario

Today I rambled along the boardwalk of Toronto Island and this is what I saw (click to enlarge):


The cormorant stood drying her wings for as long as I was taking photos.


I never knew that mink had such cute faces. He scrambled up and down the outcrop of rock, swam alongside, caught a fish, and popped in and out of his burrow, making chirping sounds at me.


9 thoughts on “Creatures in Lake Ontario”

  1. hi Lilian…right across from the Toronto Islands on the so called Leslie Street Spit is a huge breeding ground for cormorants. There are thousands of them, so many their droppings have stripped the leaves off the trees. One of my favourite sights on the island is watching them come home in the evening, skimming the waves in huge formations, for not only are they great divers, they are also amazing flyers. As for the mink, I suspect one of stealing the eggs from my favourite swans this summer, so I’m extremely annoyed with them… 😉

  2. I have never seen a picture before of a real, live mink! (Yes I am woefully ignorant about Nature!). What a cutie! And so fuzzy – I’m very glad that there are so few fur coats about now. I’m sure it looks much better on the mink.

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