Mystery Station: trains and places

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7 thoughts on “Mystery Station: trains and places

  1. hey! that’s pretty cool you know! I should really do there… yeah, that would be cool. get a day pass and then see every station! Yeah, i wo uldn’t mind that at all.

  2. oops, wouldn’t not wo uldn’t

  3. Very very COOL, love it!

  4. The art is by Sylvie Belanger, and represents users of the station. There are feet on the concourse level and heads on the platform level, hands along the stairs between the Sheppard Avenue north entrance and the concourse exit.

    Sylvie has a terrific portfolio and a very cool website at

  5. Very cool. Made me smile (and remember my brief visit to Toronto years ago). “Don’t be afraid to journey, my friend!” “Everyone has their own Bessarion.” By the way, Lilian, if you feel like doing a Liebster meme, I’ve tagged you. 🙂

    1. Good to see you here again, Pete. I’ve been so busy lately I’ve not been blogging or keeping up with blogs so thank you for the tagging to spur me along!

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