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Sea Plane and Reading

WWII military supply plane
WWII military supply plane

That is the interior of the sea plane that took me from Vancouver to Gabriola Island. As the only passenger, I got to sit in front.

sea plane view

I thought the ride would be scary. Instead it was a stroll through the sky. A magical row below the clouds and above the ground, where toy cars drove along toy roads. A rope trailed from the right wing, later used to secure the plane to the dock the way you’d tie up your rowbot.

sea plane view 3

Gabriola Island is a verdant haven for artists, musicians, writers and others off the coast of B.C. between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The library is newly rebuilt and I was privileged to be the first author reading there. It was delightful, the library packed with an intelligent and enthusiastic audience. And treats. What can be better than books, talk, and brownies?

Tofino Air
Tofino Air

Thank you Gabriola Island’s Friends of the Library and Tofino Air!


7 thoughts on “Sea Plane and Reading”

  1. What magnificent photos! Combined with your wonderful descriptions, Lilian, it was “almost” as great as being there ….. that was even smaller than the seaplane in which I was a passenger whilst working in Nfld. many years ago!

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