Heat and Skyline

Spring came early to Toronto. Summer arrived early too and I don’t like heat. Thank goodness it’s supposed to break next week. But we’re on the way to the island again. (Correction…I just stepped outside, and it’s too muggy for roller blading–it’s the mall for us. Kids just shouted hurray!) And since I’ve been neglecting my blog, I wanted to just put up a single picture of the skyline from last weekend’s roller blading adventure (click to enlarge):


4 thoughts on “Heat and Skyline”

  1. Love Toronto’s Island park -many happy memories there 🙂 Sorry you can’t go today! It’s raining here. So much for planting flowers.

  2. We’ve had it hot too, Lilian, and I’ll be glad to see it break (I know, never satisfied, always too hot or too cold!). That’s a gorgeous picture, though.

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