Really Seeing

Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I love photography:

Holding a camera makes me pay closer attention to what’s around me. I look at the ordinary—for instance a picket fence in late fall, a shriveled vine clinging to it, a single flower still blooming—with new eyes. I notice the blessing of colour, red berries against snow, a bright yellow bulldozer, the gigantic green dinosaur leaning sadly over the dumpster in a building site. As I look through the viewfinder, my city becomes new to me. Other cities become mine. With my camera, I’m willing to brave the unknown…

Read the rest at the National Post!


6 thoughts on “Really Seeing”

  1. Vivien Meier (sorry can’t recall how it was spelled!) is a new name to me and one I must check out. I am very interested in women photographers. And I always appreciate your pictures, Lilian. By the way, I am five chapters into Web of Angels and loving it!

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