Really Seeing

Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I love photography:

Holding a camera makes me pay closer attention to what’s around me. I look at the ordinary—for instance a picket fence in late fall, a shriveled vine clinging to it, a single flower still blooming—with new eyes. I notice the blessing of colour, red berries against snow, a bright yellow bulldozer, the gigantic green dinosaur leaning sadly over the dumpster in a building site. As I look through the viewfinder, my city becomes new to me. Other cities become mine. With my camera, I’m willing to brave the unknown…

Read the rest at the National Post!


6 thoughts on “Really Seeing

  1. Vivien Meier (sorry can’t recall how it was spelled!) is a new name to me and one I must check out. I am very interested in women photographers. And I always appreciate your pictures, Lilian. By the way, I am five chapters into Web of Angels and loving it!

    1. Hurray! (about your loving Web of Angels–that is making me smile big time) You can see photos by Vivia Maier here (I have to check out to spell her ame every time I write it):

      1. The more I read it, the more brilliant it gets – seriously!!!

        1. I’m so happy! You made my day. 🙂

  2. read it, and loved you, you Post journalist, you! congrats!!

    1. Thank you Beth, that made me laugh (in a good way)!

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