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Most Unique Interview Ever

This week I’m guest blogging for the National Post. I decided that my first post should impart some of the wisdom I’ve gained with experience. For example, years ago before my first novel was published, I had a, let us say instructive, lesson in giving interviews to media:

The technician, limp haired and smoking, grunted at us as he did something to equipment while the radio host led me into an adjoining room. I sat in the chair as directed and put on the headphones she gave me. I still didn’t know the nature of the show. The penny dropped when the program began at midnight sharp, and she announced…

Do head over there, read the rest, and leave a comment for me!


4 thoughts on “Most Unique Interview Ever”

    1. Thanks, Litlove! This is one of my favourite anecdotes. In all the years I’ve been writing and speaking, I haven’t talked about it until now. I’ve been saving it up!

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