Shout-Out to Young Women

Picture the Isobel Bolton Hockey League finals, Blue team against White. Blue had been the best team from the beginning of the season. But White came from behind, improving week by week until they were facing Blue in the final game. My older daughter M was on White; a classmate of H’s was on Blue.

My family knows most of the girls by name, strong, bright kids. They skate fiercely, defend their goals, cheer their goalie when she stops the puck, console her when she lets it in. At the end of the game they pile together like puppies.

We can all learn something from these girls. Today I celebrate their fierceness and their joy. It was a close game, a tight one. At the end of 3 periods the scored was tied: 1, 1.

In sudden death overtime, Blue won. But the White teams has my heart because they played theirs. Good game White–way to go number 14, MMNG!

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4 thoughts on “Shout-Out to Young Women

  1. Aww, sweet. And congratulations to all the girls, who sound like they put their hearts and souls into the match.

    1. Thanks Litlove, they sure did. And it’s so wonderful to see young women throw themselves into something like they did.

  2. Awesome! Sounds like the girls left it all on the rink – that’s all they can ask of themselves, and no wonder you’re proud of the team!

    1. I am proud of them and they’re proud of themselves, even better.

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