Web of Angels: Bestseller

This morning, after oatmeal (with maple syrup, a Sabbath treat), I was at my desk drinking coffee. Emails had arrived from my agent, editor, and publicist. After I read them, I walked downstairs to share the news with my family, weeping and scaring them in the process. “It’s good,” I whispered to A as I clutched him. My younger daughter came into the living room holding Piggie, her big stuffed pig for security. “What happened, Momma?”

“Web of Angels is on the Globe and Mail Canadian bestseller list,” I said. “It’s number 7.”

My book is on the same list as Anne of Green Gables. Me and Lucy Maude–buddies.

And I’m in great company among the living, too!

Here’s the link for the list, just click on Canadian when you get there.


9 thoughts on “Web of Angels: Bestseller

  1. Huge congratulations – this is really wonderful!

    (keep checking to see when it might become available anywhere for international order – in the meantime, happily anticipating)

    1. Thank you so much, Jean! You can order it from amazon.ca – the international shipping charge isn’t bad if you’re willing to wait a few weeks to get it. I have to say that this completely took me by surprise. I look at who’s to the right and the left of me on that list and I’m blown away.

  2. Congratulations! Am looking forward to reading it even if post to and from China usually takes a long time!

    1. (((((((Jemma)))))))) and I’m looking forward to you getting it.

    1. It really is wonderful, surprising, and a delight to share.

  3. Congratulations – what exciting news!!!!

  4. Lilian! Oh my goodness! This is such an amazing process to share with you, watching it all unfold via the blog updates (and boy, this book has had a rocky road!) is brilliant and so satisfying. My very, very warmest congratulations on a job well done. A big hug and a deafening whoop! xx

    1. Thanks so much, Di! I’m just waiting for the Australian tour! Wouldn’t that be whoop worthy!

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