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My 5 Favourite Books

I read Emily of New Moon when I was 10. I wasn’t the first Canadian girl to love Emily because I wanted to be a writer, and I’m not the first to blame Emily for becoming a writer. But I’m not sure if anyone else did this: when I decided to write seriously, I took the summer off and went to PEI where Emily (and Lucy Maude) had grown up.

That’s an excerpt from a guest blog at Chatelaine. It was so much fun to think about and write–do have a look over there.

Which of the 5 would you pick to read?


3 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Books”

  1. I remember falling in love with Carol Shields’ descriptive style. “She veered accidentally into her own life”. Wow!

      1. Yes – Unless was the first Carol Shields I read… loved it. I just bought Republic of Love. Looking forward to finishing the semester so I can get started on it.

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