My Girls on IWD

There are a lot of posts today about important things: women’s safety, rights, equality or lack thereof all around the world. But this morning, I was talking with my 13 year old, who is just a few months from high school.

I spoke about what she’s going to start seeing among her friends and other people she knows. Drugs or adventure; unprotected sex or leadership experiences. A lot of them will probably make some better and some worse choices as they experiment with freedom. I am putting my faith in her ability to see her way clearly and to follow her own solid path.

And I think of this:

4 thoughts on “My Girls on IWD

  1. That is the most beautiful, heart-swelling photo. No doubt about it, kids need to be a little wiser than their years to navigate some of these (sometimes life-threatening) challenges. I feel sick when I think of everything Master J will confront, but I have to believe he’ll be equipped to make good choices, even though he’ll need plenty of room to make mistakes.

    1. I’m sure he will be and you have to deal with what is facing you at the moment, and not worry too much about the future. Right now our dilemma is a teeth grinding child, not enough sleep for either (share a room) and neither wanting to leave the room. What to do?

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