I Am A Snout

“Mommy, you’re the core of the family. It’s like, you’re the snout, and Dad is the nostrils. And us, we’re the eyes.”

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10 thoughts on “I Am A Snout

  1. At least you’re not the nostrils!

    1. You can’t breathe without nostrils! But I’m proud to be the snout.

      1. That means (according to the pig analogy) you and your husband can’t live without each other!

  2. I like it! In fact, none of you can live without the others!

    1. Yes indeed–children often do the seeing, don’t they?

  3. So adorable! I really miss that kind of attentive love from my son now he’s a teenager. Sigh! Still I knew it had to happen. It’s lovely that you can enjoy it right now.

    1. I know–I’m enjoying it while I can!

  4. That’s hysterical and soooo cute – it makes me want to be a snout too!!!

    1. I’m sure that Master J will find a similarly surprising and endearing metaphor!

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