God and Resisting Temptation

God references slipped into tests decreased student’s belief that they controlled their own destiny, researchers report, but made them more resistant to junk food temptation.

via God’s Situational Effects « The Situationist.

The studies were done at a Canadian university (University of Waterloo) with engineering students, and the results were independent of the student’s piety or religious beliefs. (See the link for more details.)

I wonder if the results would differ with, say, students in a writing program, or accounting students.

4 thoughts on “God and Resisting Temptation

  1. Don’t you think sometimes that researchers ask extraordinary questions? I fear there could be way too much of a false correlation in those results. Like the crime rate and membership of the Church of England – that makes an excellent false correlation – or inflation and dysentery in Scotland – apparently they are statistically but not really causally linked!

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