Looking to 2012

"I made a gift for you" (click to enlarge)

One of my children wrote this on my window yesterday. I will take it as my motto for 2012. Each day can I say, “I made a gift for you,” a gift of the day, a gift of my heart, of love, of my laughter, of my being? That would be a year worth living. All of you have done that for me this year.

Thank you for reading my blog, for being a part of this online community, for sharing comments and links, for writing your own blogs. It’s made my life a richer one and has shown me the best of what the internet can be.

Wishing everyone a new year of peace, contentment, and good reading!

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10 thoughts on “Looking to 2012

  1. LOVE this!

    1. Sandra I am so glad. For writers especially it’s important to come back to what we know really matters. There is so much pressure on us to focus on externalities that we can’t control.

  2. Happy New Year dear Lilian! You are a gift all in yourself. I hope I will always have you in my life now. Here’s to all possible good things for you and yours in 2012.

    1. Thank you, Litlove–it’s such a joy to me that we met and became friends across the pond. Health and good reading to you and yours in 2012!

  3. Family and friends are true gifts indeed! Thank you for the gifts of insight, information, and inspiration! I wish all good things for you in 2012 🙂

    1. And I wish you a year of discovery and much good writing, Becca!

  4. Happy New Year, Lilian! You are a gift to all of us – each and every day of the year. I love coming here and partaking of your art and wise words, your thoughtful musings on this great wide world we are all walking in together. Thank you for being yourself and for being here.

    1. Thank you so much Cate. That means the world coming from you. I love your blog and it always gives a lift to my day.

  5. What a lovely motto for 2012! I shall try it too. I’m so glad that I’ve found your blog. Happy new year, may it be filled with good things for you.

    1. I’m so glad you did too! Thank you and wishing the same for you. Your blog has a lovely look to it. I visited Belgium once for a day–how did you end up there?

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