Last Night Of Hanukah

This is what we saw as the candles burnt low, reflected in the window, Christmas lights visible from across the street. We were all sitting in the living room, lights off, watching the candle flames. At least A and I were doing so. My kids played tug of war with a blanket accompanied by great hilarity until the last few minutes when I asked them to be quiet as the lights went out one by one, remaining in heart and memory for another year.

Hanukah 2011
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4 thoughts on “Last Night Of Hanukah

  1. And what an exciting year it promises to be! Of all the people I know, I feel sure you will be able to carry that light with you into 2012, Lilian.

  2. sending you love on this day.

  3. I love candlelight and all it represents. May your new year be bright and warm, Lilian 🙂

  4. Litlove, thank you! That gives me some confidence.

    Beth, I can feel it. What a wonderful blogging community this is.

    Becca and may yours be too. 🙂

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