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My Workspace Revised

Recently, I rearranged the corner where I write. My workspace is 6 ft by 4 ft with another 21 inches of shared space on the table where my large monitor sits, also used by my older d when she wants to participate in the “homework club.”

My work table is 2 ft by 3 ft (click to enlarge):

I used to have a second table the same size right behind my chair but instead now I have this:

Note my Littlest Petshop collection. Every writer needs one.

The 2nd table I used to work on has another function. It is now my younger d’s homework space, and hence the hub of the homework club, which draws my older d into the room with her binder and books so that we can all sit close by in our intellectual endeavours:

(Note the fan–you’d think I could put it away for the winter, but then you wouldn’t be thinking that menopause can generate more heat than a furnace.)

Everything in a small house has a dual purpose, and my bed is sometimes my research space, with notes and files spread around it. But at the moment it’s also part of the homework club as H is arranging her project on sewing machines on a display board laid flat on the bed.

Sometimes I dream about a bigger house with my own study and a sewing room, too. But right now I’m grateful for the coziness of my family and the view from my desk. Time, love, and peace–that’s what is needed for my imagination to stretch.



Lilian is the author of Web of Angels, a novel about a mom with DID (multiple personalities). She's also the author of the historical novels, The River Midnight and The Singing Fire, about secrets, friendship and motherhood in 19th century Poland and London.

18 thoughts on “My Workspace Revised

  1. I sometimes dream about having a house where I can a room/space where I can put in built shelves in, rather than free standing book cases. We are in a unit at the moment, so the dream might still come true πŸ™‚

  2. I love the thought of you working there with your daughters. I really like it when I get to work alongside someone, but can rarely persuade my menfolk to join me! I’d like a homework hub too, please! πŸ™‚

  3. I love the look of your work space, Lilian. Mine is in my living room! I do have another room set aside for my freelance editing work, but I find I don’t want to go there very often. I like to sit in my easy chair and pull out my rollout desk in the living room! Not sure why.

      1. It’s just a computer desk on wheels, nothing fancy. But it’s handy. I can move it out the way, put it next to the wall, then wheel it out when I need it. But it’s incredibly messy! Your place looks so neat and organized. I could never post a photo of my work space. Someone might call Public Health!

  4. I love it too, Lilian. It looks sooo cosy, and the thought of you all in there working away side by side is lovely. Having lost my desk (now a change table) and my office (now Master J’s nursery), I now mostly write sitting on my bed. It’s where I am right now, laptop propped up on my knees. It’s not ideal, but my new motto is “Whatever it takes.” Space isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be – I’m sure of it!

    1. Whatever it takes indeed. It’s amazing how busy life gets with kids. I remember friends saying, “you can’t imagine the mental space kids take up.” Entirely true, and physical too!

  5. This is lovely – and I’m envious of your tidiness. My desk is often a mess. Piles of books threaten to topple at any moment. I also love that you can sit and work with your two daughters. That is very lucky for all of you.

  6. Hello Lilian! I found you via Michelle’s blog. I love your workspace and am also think it’s great you can work with your daughters! I am almost inspired to tidy up the cold, dark cupboard-like space I pretentiously call a study…

  7. Lilian, I am writing here in a room looks much like yours, and it’s grand to see your working space. My own workroom is slightly less than eight feet by eight feet and arranged so that I can reach everything I need from my chair. The only thing missing is a tall narrow bookcase to hold research materials – I am hoping that KIJIJI will produce one in the near future. I do love the view from your window!

    1. Cate I always imagined you in a big kitchen with a great vista from your windows. Maybe that’s because of the photos you post (the vista and the coffee cups). Or because when I spent summers on the east coast I often ended up working in the kitchen. But now I’m smiling thinking of you in your workroom. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a KIJIJI prize.

  8. What an inviting space, and I agree, it’s lovely to be able to share that with your girls.

    I have my own “office” at home, and it doesn’t make me any more productive than a small corner in another room. In fact, I’ve probably written more here at my son’s kitchen table than I do in my office!

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