Sunshine and Skating

I know that Sunday isn’t the best time to post but I’m too happy to care. There is sun and blue sky today, and there was sun and blue sky yesterday. I skated with my family this morning and I walked with A yesterday, just the two of us, hand in hand, for 3 hours. I love those big walks.

Our goal was Parkdale, a west-end area of downtown Toronto that was once a well-heeled village. It’s an interesting place that ran down at heel when it was cut off from the lake by an expressway, and again when psychiatric institutions released their patients to the streets about 35 years ago. Landlords took advantage of the need for cheap housing and tenants who didn’t have means to complain about conditions. But the northern edge has been long gentrified by Eastern European immigrants, and the south end is becoming host to artsy types who’ve fled the ever more gentrified (and more expensive) section of Queen Street.

I’ve never walked right to the end of Queen before. Right there at the end, it abuts King Street, which has ambled north until it’s separated from Queen by the smallest corner, like the royal couple on their thrones.

The shoreline of the lake, too, ambles north and here is the view (click any photo to enlarge):

The view of the city just to the west where the shoreline dips down again:

A 19th century mansion, now a nursing home:

And last, it speaks for itself:

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5 thoughts on “Sunshine and Skating

  1. You are supposed to tell me every time you go skating!! And who cares, LN, about what is a best time to post. Post when you are moved. We will find you. xo

    1. Awww thanks and you’re right! Well I will be going skating again Tuesday afternoon. Want to come?

  2. Sounds like a delightful outing!

  3. We’ve had that beautiful stretch of “Indian Summer” here, and I’ve enjoyed every minute I could outside. Sounds like you have been too!

    1. Yes! At this time of year I think we are all so aware of winter coming, that these unexpectedly mild days feel doubly blessed.

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