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Tõkestatud / Obstructed – Landscape & Rural Photos – Vaido’s Photoblog.

There weren’t any rainbows while I wrote today. (Well there were, while I was thinking, but then they vanished when I got to my desk.)

It was much like this. Obstruction. Fallen bits in the stream. It didn’t seem to go well. But that’s the nature of the writing process. Now I look at this photo and see the beauty in it and believe that there is beauty in writing even on a day when it seems to be all fallen logs.




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4 thoughts on “Today’s Work

  1. That’s a beautiful photo, and I like your idea of feeling obstructed in writing being beautiful, too. Sometimes it is like that, and when the breakthrough comes, it’s a wonderful feeling.

    1. Yes it is. Now if I can just stop checking email while writing! 🙂

      1. I do that, too, but I actually think it might be helpful. It distracts me momentarily from what I’m working on, and that can be a good thing. It gives me a break, and sometimes when I come back, the problem I was wrestling with is less of a problem. I think it gives the mind a chance to work without my interference – like sleeping on a problem sometimes helps. The trick is finding a balance, of course. Sometimes, I get so involved in email I lose concentration, and I’ve also been known to use it to avoid working on something!

  2. Now there’s a thought I need to carry with me into next week! Thank you for that, Lilian.

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