Sunshine and Gratitude

For the view outside my window, golden leaves against a blue sky, I’m grateful, and for the squirrel that skitters across the flat roof to visit, though he won’t sit for a photo, too. For ice skating with A, hand in hand this morning, for my older daughter’s wrist in my hand as I pulled her around the rink, I’m grateful. For H’s happy face greeting us as we came home, having been allowed to sleep in and then peacefully enjoy fistfuls of crackers, I am grateful. For the creativity of my children, busily painting, I am grateful. For the creamy oatmeal that A made, I am grateful and so is my pleasantly full stomach, also for the apples and banana that adorned it.

None of these things depend on the market, or on reviews, or on the rise and fall of the dollar, though I am grateful for enough dollars to have a cozy house and oatmeal. I am also grateful for the taxes that pay for the arena where we skated this morning.

Tomorrow is candy day, not Thanksgiving, but I am happy to throw around some superfluous thanks anyway.

Painting on Cardboard for Halloween by M
Watercolour on paper by H
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6 thoughts on “Sunshine and Gratitude

  1. Candy DAY! I love it! I miss my children in their childhood. I want that cupcake!

  2. Aww, and I am grateful for your lovely blog.

  3. That’s a lovely post, Lilian, and I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Sheree, happy candy day!

    Litlove, thank you that is so heartening!

    Sheila thank you and I’m glad you’re a part of this blog.

  5. Thanks for the reminder re gratitude. And I’m also grateful for your blog (even if I feel guilty that I rarely get to visit my blogging friends anymore).

    1. You’ve got the best of excuses, Pete–but good to see you here!

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