A Better World for Books

The literacy mission at Better World Books isn’t something that’s tacked on β€” it’s always been part of our DNA. Starting August 15, 2011, we are making an additional commitment to a simple system: You buy, we donate – Book for BookTM.

I just heard about this site through GoodReads. Shipping is free worldwide, and it’s an opportunity to support literacy simply through buying books, though BWB also still accepts cash donations, and has already raised $10,000,000 for literacy.

I remember when, in my own life, owning a book was a rare privilege and there wasn’t a single public library accessible to me. Now my problem is space for books and time to read them. All of us who love books know their value and want others to share in it. This is an easy way to do that.

My next set of books will come from BWB.

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3 thoughts on “A Better World for Books

  1. Definitely somewhere to visit!

    1. Just think–no guilt about buying books there. You’re doing good if you’re a bookaholic. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ve bought books from them before and need to do it again — and yes, it’s great about the complete lack of guilt I’ll feel about buying books from them!

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