More Inspiration

This falls into the never too late department. Fauja Singh ran his first marathon at age 89. He began running when he was 80 to cope with family losses. His background isn’t in athletics: he was a farmer. Coming here from England, this Sunday, he hopes to set a world record for the books in Toronto: being the first person over 100 years old to complete a marathon.

“He doesn’t think of himself as old. He dresses to the ‘T’ in Boss and Armani,” said trainer Harmander Singh, who …says the trick to coaching seniors involves no life secrets or a special diet, but “to make them believe in themselves.” The qualities that has made them valued members of society — hard work and determination — didn’t vanish with the turn of a calendar page…

Good luck Fauja! (Full story here.)



3 thoughts on “More Inspiration”

  1. Cate, oh I am glad. And you know–he made it. It’s the first marathon he’s completed in a few years.

    Litlove, definitely. I’m appalled at my age (I just can’t believe it, in my heart I’m still 35 at best), but in truth I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been.

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