Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

This is a photo of a Thanksgiving Service in France 93 years ago: October 13 1918. It was held in a chapel in Notre-Dame-de-Grace. Did these Canadian troops know that armistice was coming in less than a month? (Nov 11th, which happens to be A’s birthday, albeit 2 generations later) I look at this and I see the wars to come, but I see more: alongside ruin is beauty and prayer. What do you see here? Click to enlarge:

Canadian Troops in Cambrai Cathedral, October 13, 1918
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4 thoughts on “Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  1. What a photo! I see beauty and destruction so close to each other, order and chaos both.

  2. I see the futility of war and hope for peace.

  3. It looks like my life – the ruins of former grandeur, but I keep on turning up.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Lilian!

  4. Rebecca and Margaret–yes that was what I saw too.
    Litlove, oh that made me laugh and thank you.

    I just had another look at the enlarged photo. Did any of you notice the beam of light coming down above the minister? Is it from a hole in the roof? Some of the soldiers are fuzzy as if they’re already ghostly. The view of them kneeling on chairs–so awkward and vulnerable.

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