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Interview with an Icon, Part II

A critic once said of A Jest of God that Rachel really wasn’t worth writing about because she was no more interesting than anybody you might sit next to in the streetcar. And I thought that doesn’t say much about the book but it says a lot about that critic. (- Margaret Laurence)

It’s interesting to compare the 1966 interview with this 1978 NFB vignette of Margaret Laurence. Here she’s a literary icon in her early 50’s with a great body of prize-winning work behind her.

The Diviners, my favourite of her books, had been published 4 years prior, and she would write no more novels. However, ahead of her were still several children’s books and a memoir, which was published posthumously. What struck me most in this interview was her respect for ordinary people and her ability to see the extraordinary in them.


3 thoughts on “Interview with an Icon, Part II”

  1. Term has begun this week so things have been stupidly busy around here and I haven’t had a chance to listen to this interview. But I’ll come back next week, hopefully!

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