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Writers have so many ways of procrastinating. But this one is constructive and has a higher purpose…seriously. I was inspired by the bookclub Slaves of Golconda.

When I was asked to suggest a few books for our next reading, I thought it would be fun and interesting to come up with a list of recent, terrific novels by Canadian writers. After that, my editor provided me with a few more fabulous titles, and looking at the pile of wonderful books I was excited by the thought that I was part of this writing world.

One thing led to another, my recent website endeavours, participating in a literary festival, and I decided to start a new blog featuring Canadian writers beyond the few literary icons (as well deserving of the title as they are) everyone knows about.

Come and have a look here! Let me know what you think.


7 thoughts on “New Blog!”

  1. Whenever I go to Canada, I always try to include a bookstore stop. I’ve discovered some wonderful writers this way. So thanks for making that a bit easier for me!

  2. It looks lovely, Lilian! I know so little about Canadian writers and so few get published over here. It will be wonderful to have a source of great recommendations.

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