I’ve been MIA for several weeks while working on my new website! I am so excited about it because I’ve wanted to have something like this for ages–more interactive and connected and rich. I bought a template and did it all myself with much trial and error. I’m still working on the contact form, but everything else is looking good! (I think…) A found a mistake this morning and I fixed that up, but if you find anything else please let me know. Any feedback is appreciated! Check it out here!

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14 thoughts on “NEW WEBSITE!

  1. I was wondering where you were! What a great site, LN! So much depth and a video of you talking!!! And an entirely fascinating-sounding book. I am so happy for you. I could have never put something so rich together on my own. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much, Beth! I was a bit nervous in that one. I did a more relaxed one afterward, but unfortunately it wasn’t in focus at all! New camera and A and I are amateurs of course. I’ve tried to catch up on reading blogs, but have neglected posting in mine. I was in the Muskokas (cottage country) with A & girls for a few days and will post about it shortly–when I need a break from proofing galleys.

  2. The site is beautiful and how lovely to see and hear you in the video (however, your voice is not ‘in synch’ with the picture – I mention this very tentatively as someone who completely admires your ability to produce this and would not have any idea of how to correct the problem). Your writing on the site is so moving and involving. How are we going to wait for publication date, that’s all I wonder.

    1. Thank you so much, Jean! I’ll have a look at it again. I am very new to video editing–this was my first try, and after hours of work all I managed to do was add the book cover, which maybe threw off the syncing of voice! If so, I can just upload my original video.

  3. Jean, it looks in sync to me–I wonder if the problem is streaming. Does anyone else here find the video voice and picture out of sync?

  4. My home internet connection is not good, so you may be right. I’ll have a loook tomorrow on the very fast connection at work.

    1. Thanks Jean, I appreciate it–let me know if it’s wonky please!

  5. It does still seem out of synch to me on my very fast internet connection at work – perhaps less so, but still enougn to be distracting.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Jean. That’s a shame. I’ve read that sometimes happens with YouTube. I’ll try uploading again later.

  6. It looks wonderful, Lilian! I love the floaty graphics!

    1. Thanks, Litlove! It took me so long to do, I keep looking at it.

  7. Love it! What a nice job you’ve done.

  8. Thanks, Emily! It was so much fun, as well as at times mystifying.

  9. What a great site! It was fun seeing you “in person” as well. How exciting all these developments with your book are!

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