At 7 a.m. I Saw

On the path along the railroad tracks this morning, I saw a baby bunny. It had lost some of its roundness already, and looked like a miniature hare standing quite still. I had to shade my eyes to see. Even with sunglasses, the sun was too bright otherwise. There it stood, a silhouette in the sun, waiting for me and A to make a move. We didn’t and finally it hopped into the bush.

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4 thoughts on “At 7 a.m. I Saw

  1. Love those kinds of morning gifts.

    1. They’re reminders to me of what life is all about. Too bad I can forget even just 5 minutes later!

  2. love the way you tell the story.

    (and you don’t forget; you aren’t the type)

  3. Thank you and thank you, Beth. šŸ™‚

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