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I am pushing to get as far as I can today because tomorrow, with temp going up to 34C (that’s 93F) tomorrow, I have no expectations of getting anything done other than lying in front of a fan.

I’ve been learning to be more careful and punctilious in getting characters from point A to point B in every detail; also to be more mindful of the correct use of present participles.

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5 thoughts on “Page 262

  1. It’s baking by me as well. I come home so tired and have to wait until the evening air cools off the day before I can add more to my novel’s world.

  2. You’re storming along there, Lilian! Good for you!

  3. smiling. and hoping that, if the weather does find you, it gives you an idea or two for a next scene.

  4. Thanks everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot about the long process of this novel, and what I’ve learned from it is surprising me.

  5. A meticulous business, the writing of beautiful books – I am rereading “The River Midnight” this week and I marvel at it still. A book chock full of wonder….

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