it’s ok to be Takei


2 thoughts on “it’s ok to be Takei”

  1. I found out from a union rep. that I have the right to talk about sexual orientation with my students from kindergarten to grade-eight. It’s a human right as much as I can discuss Black History Month, Chanukkah, Diwali, and other socio-cultural activities, events, and stories. In spite of some people not wanting students to learn about sexual orientation in the primary and junior grades (K-6), I have the right to talk to the students about sexual orientation. I do not need the parents’ permission so long as I don’t discuss sexual intercourse. As a teacher, I do believe that I have the common sense to explain sexual orientation at grade-appropriate levels. In the primary grades, there might be a discussion about two moms or dads (or daddy penguins) caring for each other. There may also be a discussion about “boy” and “girl” activities. E.g., Boys like hockey; girls like ballet. Can both boys and girls like ballet and hockey?

    Even though I have the right to discuss sexual orientation, it doesn’t mean that I do so every day. In fact, I probably discuss it about once each year. Usually, I discuss it because there has been a major incident in the classroom of bullying that involves negative comments about someone being gay (whether or not that person is actually gay). Again, I do use a grade-appropriate mini-lesson to discuss sexual orientation and bullying. Someday, I may talk about sexual orientation without the bullying issued tagged along.

    Some of you may have seen this wonderful YouTube music video by Rebecca Drysdale (censored version). It’s brilliantly censored. I do like how she censored George Takei’s name. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tZPQC_NNGY Enjoy!

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