so you want to write a novel, the video

h/t JG

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8 thoughts on “so you want to write a novel, the video

  1. I’ve heard that there are some people like that. It’s hard to fathom really – such a disconnection from what is real. I once earned $25 for a poem I published and I thought that was amazing, almost beyond expectation, and that was after years of work put into reading, writing, thinking. But I suppose it’s the same mind set that allows a person to believe: “Lose 50 pounds over night, with this one amazing secret!”

    1. Mary, I just smile when people say they’ve always wanted to write a novel. Who knows, maybe one of them will.

  2. Hi Lilian,

    I wrote the Novel video you posted last week. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and I am honored that you posted it on your blog. Thanks very much.

    David Kazzie

    1. Hi David, I’m so glad you came to let me & readers know that you’re the author. Writing something both funny and true and funny because it’s true is a gift. (And I enjoyed your post about passwords too!)

  3. I hope you don’t mind my letting you and your readers know that I have just published my debut novel, The Jackpot, as a Kindle eBook. Since you were a fan of the video, I’m hoping you might be interested in learning more about my book (it’s a legal thriller with a comic slant on it).

    Anyway, I thank you for your time. The link to the book’s page on Amazon is below.

    David Kazzie

    1. Congratulations on getting it out! I hope that it does very well.

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