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Writers, said the science fiction author Isaac Asimov, fall into two groups: “Those who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad review, and those who bleed copiously and secretly at any bad review.

And now the internet shows all the bleeding publicly–reviewers and reviewed in battle. Full story at link above.

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4 thoughts on “how not to handle bad reviews | Books |

  1. Wow – they weren’t kidding. That author really did have quite the meltdown. In a way I do feel for the author, because reading criticism of your work is always hard and hurtful. On the other hand, bleeding quietly in secret does seem by far and away the best policy because, alas, the alternative does look undignified!

    1. Yes, and I think gives any negative criticism more life.

  2. I suspect survival as a writer of any sort requires that one use the painful energy released by negative reviews to build thicker skin rather than using it in an attempt to flay one’s reviewers. The first may not work very well, but the second never does.

    1. From personal experience, I can say that skin thickens very little (at least for me), but it’s still possible to vent to friends and family rather than the internet.

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