My Good News!

As promised, here it is. I’ve accepted an offer from Random House Canada to publish my book–the one I’ve been working on for 6 years. I will be working with Anne Collins, who is one of the best editors in Canada, and for my book, the very best. I knew she was intelligent from her first email, but the meeting we had showed that she got everything I am trying to achieve with this novel. I’m so excited!

This has been a long process and there is still another revision to come. But with editorial input, I know this novel is going to move from where it is now to everything it can be.

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14 thoughts on “My Good News!

  1. Fantastic news! How exciting that the book has found such a good home. I’ve been waiting to read this novel since I first heard you talk about it in 2006, so I’m glad to know it’s definitely coming.

  2. That is FABULOUS! I couldn’t be happier for you, and I will look forward to reading this one when it’s published 🙂

  3. That’s wonderful. Congratulations!

  4. Thanks Alison, Becca, Jean. 🙂 I’ll be posting all the steps along the way.

  5. Awesome!! That’s so great. I’m so glad to hear it. Congratulations!!!

  6. Such a wonderful thing Lilian. Not only do you get your long worked at book out to us readers, but you get to work with a really fine editor. Good things.

  7. Oh I am thrilled!!!! This is wonderful news – congratulations, dear Lilian! I’m hoping you’ll tell us all about it as the book moves towards publication. This is so richly deserved!

  8. OH MY GOODNESS, LILIAN NATEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you see me dancing? I am beyond excited for you. Perseverance and talent. You have it all going on!



  9. Congratulations, Lilian! This is wonderful news – and to have found a home for your book at such a good publishing house, that is excellent!

  10. Dorothy, Mary, Litlove, Beth, Michelle–thank you so much! It’s wonderful to be able to share good news with you all.

  11. Wow, many congratulations! I just finished The Singing Fire and have reserved The River Midnight at the library, so I’m very excited that I’ll be able to read another novel by you soon!

  12. Wow, Congratulations Lilian! I’m just catching up on my blog-reading and am so happy for you. I look forward to reading more about this book in the weeks and months to come.

    1. Thanks so much, Pete. I’m glad you had a bit of time to stop by here!

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