how important is playing and what does it do for kids?

Whether children play enough isn’t an obscure debate among developmental psychologists. If it’s true that children who spend too little time playing struggle with executive function, then we may be raising a generation of kids with less self-control, shorter attention spans, and poorer memory skills.

See the link above for interesting research on the benefits and necessity of unstructured and imaginative play. I’m relieved to read it. One of my kids, as I write this, is making messenger bags for her dolls out of bubble back and duct tape. She was so busily engaged, I decided not to do any practise writing with her. (The bags are very nice ones too.)

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5 thoughts on “how important is playing and what does it do for kids?

  1. The therapist Winnicott (whom I love – wonderful mother-child theories) said that people who turned up in consulting rooms were people who had forgotten how to play, and they needed to be reconnected with that before they could go any further. It’s not just children – it’s an essential part of all our lives.

    1. Oh yes, Litlove. I took last summer off, the first time I ever had a holiday that didn’t double as work time. It was amazing!

  2. I am a big, big believer in play. I can’t wait to discover Baby J’s own interpretations if what playing means.

    1. Kids are amazing to watch at play. Each of my 2 play differently and so have also taught each other more about play.

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