beauty in chaos: Christians protecting Muslims in Egypt

A human shield of Christians holding hands to protect Muslim protesters praying. Okay folks, this hit the tear-o-metre.

h/t Bouphonia

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7 thoughts on “beauty in chaos: Christians protecting Muslims in Egypt

  1. And why I think nihilism a crock. We have our moments.

  2. In Egypt there are riots, civil war in the capitals and the Western countries find a common position. Some, like UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon calling for free elections immediately, while Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Mubarak strengthens the back. Maybe that’s a good thing, because ultimately must decide the Egyptian people, how to proceed there. In my eyes this Mohamed ElBaradei only one who now wants to jump on the moving train to dust at times quickly president. He is in my eyes is not democratic legitimacy.

  3. Nied, exactly right. In the end, for freedom to hold, it must be the Egyptian people that decide what is good for them.

  4. I agree–their decision. I hope that something positive will evolve out of this rather than another similar government or civil war.

  5. Love the pic. And am really hoping that this uprising leads to positive change.

    1. I do, too, Pete–and I’m glad to see evidence of solidarity, not just strife.

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