Egypt back online, the old-fashioned way

Most people were extremely grateful to ditch their old dial-up Internet connections. But for the last couple of days, some Egyptians in the darkness of the Internet blackout, have been grateful to have it back. After over 90% of Egyptian access was shut down with its major ISPs, some have been coordinating these old-style connections through the country.

Everything in the web world has a work-around, as Egyptian authorities, who tried to shut down the country’s internet, and succeeded for a day, have discovered. Distributing pamphlets by hand and using ham radio, protestors are also calling in twitters outside the country, using mobile phones, and connecting to international ISP’s (servers) as well.

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3 thoughts on “Egypt back online, the old-fashioned way

  1. People have a deep need to communicate, and once they’ve been given the opportunity to do so, they will fight to keep it.

  2. We sometimes take for granted the freedoms that other people hunger for desperately.

  3. Seems to me really bad timing on the part of CRTC and Bell with respect to what they plan for Canadian internet.

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