celebrating female science bloggers

So this is a list of women bloggers who I think you should read, with specific reasons why I think you should read them, and some of my favourite posts of theirs to get you started. And note, this is not a list of top female science bloggers; it’s an all-female list of top science bloggers.

At the link above, Ed Yong of Not Exactly Rocket Science provides a stellar list. I know of some, but not others, and am excited to find out more about them.

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2 thoughts on “celebrating female science bloggers

  1. Wonderful. thanks. I discovered Alice Bell, who lives not far from me, by exchanging emails with her about a local knitting group – and on her emails was a link to her knitting blog, and thence… Needless to say, she’s a fabulously high-powered knitter who does beautiful and complicated stuff, often to her own designs.

  2. That’s delightful to hear about, Jean. I can just picture it. I love the way people with diverse interests come together, and the way diverse interests come together in a person.

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