gives new meaning to armchair traveler

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8 thoughts on “gives new meaning to armchair traveler

  1. Wonderful picture! It reminds me a bit of the sweatlodge I use the most. Nice armchairs in the middle of the forest.

  2. Nore a resting place, but the pathway beckons.

  3. At first I was struck by the colour of the chairs against what looked at first as a lack of colour. When I really looked though, I was really suprised to see all the colour that is in the background. The shades of red and yellow and green. There is so much to look at, quite the photo, thanks for sharing it.

  4. Mary, I’m curious about how it reminds you of a sweatlodge. Can you say more?

    Hildred, I like that. It makes me think of sitting there, looking down the path, and getting up to go on.

    Cas, that was my reaction, too. You made me look at the photo again and more carefully. Thanks!

  5. The sweats I’ve been in are like outdoor living rooms. There is always a strong sense of this is how life goes on, being outside, speaking of the unseen world, being together, being comfortable, talking, sharing. It’s a sense that human beings and their works are perfectly a part of the world. That we and our doings are as natural as the trees, sky and underbrush that are in the picture. There’s the idea that where we are now is a comfortable moment in the long path that is the way we will “walk.”

    I don’t know if I’ve been able to clarify my sense here, so let me know if not.

  6. What a great photo! I can think of many a backpacking trip I took where I would have loved to come across comfy seats like that!

    1. Perhaps we ought to start an armchair in the woods movement. 🙂

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