Oxbridge in Peril

Cradle of scholarship gives way to business model, leading to slashed budgets. Why? NYRB explains. http://ow.ly/3F5gx

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3 thoughts on “Oxbridge in Peril

  1. Thank you for posting this, Lilian. It is sadly true and a terrible situation for those who are either a) properly concerned with research or b) actually proud that we have something of world class in this small country! I’m sort of glad to be out of it mostly now, but of course my heart will always be with academia and I wish it could be saved.

  2. I’m finding it difficult to consider the West without academia. If empirical knowledge is not our baseline, then what will be? And who will decide? Coca-cola?

  3. Litlove it is sad–and I hope one day there will be a turnaround. These things go in cycles.

    Mary, I remember once a woman in the audience of a conference I was at. She had a pained expression, asking what culture could she pass on to her kids, as an American, McDonalds or Coke?

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