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*Feedback Please

Below are samples of three posts to this blog via HootSuite. They are the kind of thing that I’ve been posting to twitter and FB. Two of them are identical but posted in different ways, one as a simple link, the other as an observation with a link. For the past week or so, I’ve included a twitter feed in my sidebar, but I am wondering whether anyone is reading it, and would it be better to do it this way, as a regular blog post. The advantage to this, as well, is that more frequent blogging (unfortunately!) increases ranking. Since I’m posting these things anyway, and with some selectivity!–it might be better to do it this way. But they aren’t my usual longer style of posts. Do you like the variety or would you prefer to have it back in the sidebar? What are your thoughts and reactions, my friends?



Lilian is the author of Web of Angels, a novel about a mom with DID (multiple personalities). She's also the author of the historical novels, The River Midnight and The Singing Fire, about secrets, friendship and motherhood in 19th century Poland and London.

9 thoughts on “*Feedback Please

  1. Well, if I understand the question correctly – and I’m not sure I do because I was looking for 3 posts from you to follow, posted in different ways, but instead it’s 3 random posts so it’s quite possible I didn’t understand the question… Anyway – of the 2 posting styles you mention, I may not make the effort to go to someone’s blog, whereas if it’s posted by link on Twitter or FB I’ll probably go to it, but really, only if it’s got at least a bit of an introduction/observation. Does that help your question?

  2. Hi Katie, thanks so much for leaving your comment. First your question. The 3 posts following this one are 2 identical links to an article in the Guardian, one with a personal sentence I wrote, the other being the canned share link. The 3rd post is one that I wrote for twitter as part of “a river of stones” (link in the sidebar.) All of these would normally be posted to twitter and FB anyway (and were this time too). My question was whether readers of this blog would enjoy them being here in the main body of the blog, rather than in the sidebar where I’ve had them for the past week, as a twitter feed. But I am also interested in what you wrote, ie that you would be more likely to follow a link in twitter or FB.

  3. I rather like them in the main body of the blog. Partly this is because I do like the variety. I enjoy the “river of stones” variety of short, evocative language and although I follow your twitter feed there is something interesting that comes when these little “aware” moments are followed by a more in-depth look into something you have found interesting. It is like the conjunction creates a kind of “Lilian” narrative.

    I find it interesting that you have asked the question because I’ve been thinking about adding my tweets to tailfeather. I’ve more-or-less come to the conclusion that I am going to add them to the blog. I just haven’t decided whether to add them daily or to create a secondary page called “tweets.”

    1. I’m glad you feel that way, Mary. That’s kind of how I’m leaning, too. It also makes my life a bit easier because I can use HootSuite to post those simultaneously to twitter, for example, and my blog. I’m currently setting up Posterous just to see whether that works better than HootSuite for that purpose.

  4. I like the articles on offer – only problem seems to be for me that I can’t comment from my feedreader. I keep getting pape 404 come up (I was particularly trying to read the one about Oxbridge!) But frankly, given the caprice of the internets, it may be okay later on.

    1. Oh Litlove, I’m glad that you did! My mistake, it was late last night and I was trying various platforms, so I’d send posts and then delete them! I wondered if they would get into the reader since I was quick about it, but now I know they do. I will re-post that one and you won’t have any problem then. I’d love to get your comment.

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