*Tweeting and So On

I have 2 posts on the wings, a Christmas debrief (about the dog) and the last of my values posts. But first I want to explain an addition there to the right. As another experiment, I joined twitter to tweet about the progress of my new novel (#4), starting in January, and to follow the publishing process of novel #3. Being irresistibly curious, however, I am also tweeting interesting blog posts I come across, as well as re-tweeting book or author related posts from the NYRB, The Guardian and the like.

I used the title Writing Tweets, thinking of my own purpose, but it doesn’t really encompass everything else! Any suggestions for a title are welcome!

I’ve also joined tumblr(new microblogging platform) and am just in the process of setting it up, so I’m not yet sure how that works!

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10 thoughts on “*Tweeting and So On

  1. Oh fab! Will follow you immediately! I’m at #charlwrites

  2. Hi Charlotte–I’m going to see if I can add you. I may have to come back and ask questions! My handle is (I think! Let me know if it’s not right lol) liliannattel. If you click on the title in the sidebar, it should take you there.

  3. I do have a twitter account, but I never tweet. I find I need a minimum of 200 words to say the simplest thing! 🙂

    1. Litlove that was my thought too, for the longest time. But then I decided to focus just on the writing process of my new book (and the publishing process of the recent one). I think I can say very little about it! LOL.

  4. Oh, and I should have put in my tumblr url–it’s an upcoming microblogging thingy. http://liliannattel.tumblr.com/
    Honestly I’m not sure how it’ll be different from wordpress (except you have to be a subscriber to comment), but I’m trying it out.

  5. I’m following you now! Looking forward to “seeing” you over there.

  6. I *tweet* as well, so I’m happy to be able to meet you there 🙂

    1. Awesome! I’m following you now too. I am learning that there are some good things about tweeting, which is why I’m including it in my sidebar. I’ve read interesting articles and I can quickly share them this way.

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