*Is it Winter if Roses Bloom?

It snowed Saturday morning, the first snow of the season, and M and H were overjoyed. The snow was mostly gone by noon, but after their swim lessons, H made a snowball and carefully carried it home in her scarf to put it in the freezer. The sun came out, the sky was blue, though it wasn’t much above freezing and I was looking for colour as I walked through Kensington Market, down to Queen St and through Chinatown with A, H and M. This is what I found. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

The last was in a Chinese bakery. That is H contemplating the selection. The buns were delicious.

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5 thoughts on “*Is it Winter if Roses Bloom?

  1. Love the splashes of colour from those gloriously resilient flowers! We are having our first snow and everything is in shades of gray. Not very attractive!

  2. It was nice to have this colour right after snow–because it won’t be long now that, as you say, when the snow melts we will just have slush.

  3. Last week we had a ornamental poppy in flower and then on Thursday it snowed and the snow hasn’t gone yet – the poppy has! The gardens are still starkly white, but the roads are brown slush. More snow is forecast.

    Looks like H was spoilt for choice.

  4. How lovely to take this walk with you and see the path through your eyes – the images are wonderful!

    1. Oh thank you, Cate. I so love the photos on your blog. These are not in any way the same, but I’m glad to share a bit of my world with you.

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