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*Is it Winter if Roses Bloom?

It snowed Saturday morning, the first snow of the season, and M and H were overjoyed. The snow was mostly gone by noon, but after their swim lessons, H made a snowball and carefully carried it home in her scarf to put it in the freezer. The sun came out, the sky was blue, though it wasn’t much above freezing and I was looking for colour as I walked through Kensington Market, down to Queen St and through Chinatown with A, H and M. This is what I found. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

The last was in a Chinese bakery. That is H contemplating the selection. The buns were delicious.


5 thoughts on “*Is it Winter if Roses Bloom?”

  1. Last week we had a ornamental poppy in flower and then on Thursday it snowed and the snow hasn’t gone yet – the poppy has! The gardens are still starkly white, but the roads are brown slush. More snow is forecast.

    Looks like H was spoilt for choice.

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