*Monday…oops Tuesday Nov 16/10

I missed last Monday’s photo altogether, so I figure I’m getting on top of things being only a day late. I’m behind in replying to comments and reading blogs. Though I’ve finished The Long Song and Room, and would like to talk about the first person narrators, I haven’t yet written my posts.

However I am writing every day. I don’t know yet where I’m going with it, but I’m writing. I just finished 3 1/2 hours of homework with children. I am going to play knights and other playmobil figures with H. (Just for your info, we are playing the Von Trapp family in the middle ages, H’s invention. This is my first time. I hope I can keep up). M is watching a hockey game.

And that is why I am behind.

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3 thoughts on “*Monday…oops Tuesday Nov 16/10

  1. You don’t sound behind anything to me, my dear. You sound well in front. xx

  2. Well that’s an excellent reason. Hope it continues to go very well!

  3. Thank you both. I’ve been playing around with an idea but the more I play the more serious I realize it is. Now I’m wondering, if I were to go the other way, what would I write?

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