*Purple Revolution

Calgary, which has a reputation of being a conservative city, home to oil and stampedes, has elected an accomplished intelligent man, a Harvard graduate, who is also Muslim and a visible minority. The new mayor, Naheed Nanshi, won 40% of the popular vote. It was a surprise victory–the front runners both being conservative candidates. He called his campaign the purple revolution. Good choice of colours!

Rob Anders, the Conservative MP for Calgary West, calls Mr. Nenshi the “Obama of Alberta,” and he doesn’t mean that in a good way

(Full story here.)

I say Kudos to Calgary and Kudos to Calgary’s voters.

Our own municipal election here in Toronto is next week. The view started out grim, but it’s looking up. I hope that we pull one out of the fire for the centre, too.

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6 thoughts on “*Purple Revolution

  1. Nice one! Let us know how he shapes up after some time in office – and I’m glad Toronto’s own election is shaping up.

  2. Shapes up, shaping up… TIRED, I tell you!!!

  3. Di, shapes or shaping, I hope that we end up with a mayor that keeps Toronto the city that I love. There are rainbows on my desk this morning, sunlight coming through the crystal I have hanging on my desk lamp.

  4. Rainbows in the morning are surely a good sign!

  5. How about that? Every so often something happens that surprises in a good way. May he have a very productive and peaceful time in office.

  6. We need more surprises like that! And more rainbows in the morning.

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