*Monday Aug 30/10

雷雲, originally uploaded by 號獃.

I used babelfish to translate the Chinese description that goes with the photo. It’s a bit garbled as babelfish will do, but you can get the gist:

Afternoon hot sun Gao Zhao. Has the scenery sign. Finishes already past 5:00. Nearby flushes toward the cat is spatial. Although does not have a scenery. Left side Three Gorges upper air. Actually yun measures a great cloud. If Long Juanpan fires into the horizon. Finally looks like the nuclear weapon to rupture. The internal thunder and lightning dodges randomly…. This occasion. Distant airplane. Actually straight flies toward the thunder and lightning center. in 1 minute 17 second. Emergency descent several hundred meters. Traversing thunder clouds. Prays for heavenly blessing them. The hope do not need to hit by the lightning!! I thought that machine on the passenger will feel will shock very much

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6 thoughts on “*Monday Aug 30/10

  1. Looks very dramatic. I hope the machine passengers safely dodged the rupturing thunder and lightning.

    1. Pete, me too. I hope the appearance was more dramatic than the outcome.

  2. That’s just so stunning. Beautiful… but with a scary story, in any language.

    1. Rachel, yes, and yet somehow I found it less scary because I wasn’t sure from the translation what was going on.

  3. AWESOME photo, Lilian, and what a completely terrifying description, perhaps made more so by its being so garbled!!

    1. I find it so exciting to be able to see photos taken from around the world.

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