*Monday July 5/10

The photographer was hoping to get a picture of an erupting volcano. Disappointment turned to appreciation when instead the aurora appeared. I had some disappointing news today; it was not disastrous. But my heart fell anyway and I was filled with doubt. So my task today, in this heatwave (34C or 93F), is to look for the aurora.

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6 thoughts on “*Monday July 5/10

  1. Good luck with finding the bright side in your situation – always an admirable thing to attempt 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had a disappointment too, Lilian. Is it something to do with the lunar cycle??!! I hope your heart is climbing back up to its rightful position.

  3. Wow, amazing photo. Just been reading Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights so this image is spot on.

  4. Lilian, whatever the disappointing news was, I hope all works out for the best. May your heart lift and be light; may the doubts vanish like smoke. Somewhere up there in the blue, your aurora is dancing against a tapestry of stars. Holding you in my thoughts, dear one…

  5. Thanks so much Rachel, Di, and Pete. Nothing lunar–though I hope the turn-around will be stellar. 🙂 Pun intended. I’ve been emailing my children kids’ jokes.

  6. Cate, your reply lifted my heart–you are so kind and wise.

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