*Monday July 5/10

The photographer was hoping to get a picture of an erupting volcano. Disappointment turned to appreciation when instead the aurora appeared. I had some disappointing news today; it was not disastrous. But my heart fell anyway and I was filled with doubt. So my task today, in this heatwave (34C or 93F), is to look for the aurora.


6 thoughts on “*Monday July 5/10”

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had a disappointment too, Lilian. Is it something to do with the lunar cycle??!! I hope your heart is climbing back up to its rightful position.

  2. Lilian, whatever the disappointing news was, I hope all works out for the best. May your heart lift and be light; may the doubts vanish like smoke. Somewhere up there in the blue, your aurora is dancing against a tapestry of stars. Holding you in my thoughts, dear one…

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