*Consider Your Skin

This site gives information and safety ratings for personal care products and cosmetics. You can search a product or category, and if you click on “hazard score” the results are in order from safest to most risky, the lower the number the better.

Results are surprising. I have dumped my sun screen and bought zinc oxide based sun screen instead. I also was surprised at ratings for lip balm, which isn’t as much of an issue in summer but is in winter when my kids, who lick their lips, use it. I’ll be buying either The Merry Hempsters (without sunscreen) vegan lip balm or Vaseline lip therapy petroleum jelly advanced formula. If you do a search remember to put in the whole product name not just the brand as there are surprising differences. For example Pantene Prov-V Brunette Expressions shampoo is good (rating is 1) while Pantene Pro-V Blonde Expressions shampoo is risky (rating is 6).

And I’ll finish with a poem. I am not a great poet, but at various times in my life prose wouldn’t do. Here’s one from about 15 years ago:

My Skin Discovers Love

Feeding on the sinless sweet
dappled light of tenderness,
astonishing magic
myriad chocolate touch
nouggat, praline, caramel, strawberry ripple
nipples thighs and toes, rows of licking fingers
feathery light the tapping touch, mapping furrows
darkening deep the entering kiss burrowing home,
the wild leaping, leg wrapping laughter
explorers in Eden,
and all my bruised places softly cry,
desert wanderers finding the oasis

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2 thoughts on “*Consider Your Skin

  1. I should check this out. I put hardly anything on my face at all, and often think I could do better in terms of protection.

  2. Litlove, my skin is fair and I love to walk, so I do need sun screen. If zinc oxide is the active ingredient or titanium dixoide, then it’s safe.

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